Franck GERMAIN, born in Martigues in 1969, grew up between the banks of the Etang de Berre and the Côte Bleue, sometimes getting lost on the Nerthe range. Evolving from an early age in sporting and cultural universes, he has developed a mix of genres by making discipline and a job well done his values. Curious about everything, his first cubic camera (6 × 6 film) placed on his child's stomach which he was then allowed to take his first pictures in the mid-1970s. Captivated and dazzled by the discovery of photo reports, formerly presented in the form of crossfade live with the authors, these images associated with their comments made him dream of all these discoveries that fascinated him. The passion for photography was born. His multidisciplinary training has allowed him to exercise various professional and associative activities, allowing him human experiences in the four corners of the planet. Drawing on these experiences, photography has remained his loyal activity, which he always wanted to use to share the perspective he was lucky enough to be able to bring to the world.

Back to his roots in his native Provence after his professional exiles, he settled in the Provençal Venice that had seen him be born in the last century. It was for him the opportunity to put all the flavors harvested during these wonderful experiences, for the benefit of the enhancement of his region, which had catapulted him to all the continents making him catch another virus, that of the aeronautics *, of which it is a world-renowned cradle.

Enlightened by his peers, from Arles to New York, including the Parisian Gobelins, both technical and artistic progress remains in his line of conduct. Eclectic in his photographic themes, his preferences remain clichés showing the beauty of the world, whether human or not, but in any case with a look imbued with a pragmatic philosophy. A subtle artistic-Cartesian mix, which like his series "New York - Martigues", could be characterized by the symbol of ying and yang, opposed while being similar and complementary, like the photograph combining technique and art.

Membre du photo-club de la ville de Martigues, adhérent de la Fédération Photographique de France, et de Provence Art Culture, créateur de FG2M Photographie, société en nom propre immatriculée auprès de la Chambre de Métiers et de l’Artisanat Région Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, Franck GERMAIN est aujourd’hui heureux de rejoindre les synergies locales et parfois très lointaines pour vous présenter sa vision du monde  et se fera toujours une joie de partager avec vous sa passion de la photographie pour le plaisir des yeux. Il est aujourd’hui représenté par la Place des Photographes au 1 bis Réattu à Arles.

* aviation virus which earned him a professional pilote career.

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